Chedabucto junior curlers need help….

The Chedabucto Curling Club has a problem: there is no one to oversee the junior curling program (ages 10 years upward). I have several members who have indicated they would be willing to assist the program; however, they are reluctant to be the person in charge.

If you know of a curler, aged 21 years or older, who would be willing to engage in the required RCMP check, please have that person contact me so as to enable us to have discussion about the actual coaching requirements, possible assistance available and tentative program days/times.

The Juniors are a vital and established component of the Chedabucto Curling Club and must be saved. Working with those youngsters to assist them to enjoy curling is very rewarding and provides much satisfaction for all involved.

Only the adult registration is next Monday, Oct 29. I don’t intend to have a juniors registration until we have a/or coach(es) in place.

Please help to find someone to coach the Juniors 10 years and older.

Ray (902.533.2528)