NSCA Newsletter Issue 1….

Please find attached below the inaugural issue of the Nova Scotia Curling Association’s Newsletter, “Rock On”.
In the past, the NSCA president has convened regular conference calls with the club presidents throughout the curling season.  The calls were intended to be a vehicle for the imparting of news and developments from Curling Canada and NSCA, and for a sharing of news and experiences among the clubs.  The attendance and participation of club presidents in these calls have been tepid over the last several years, so we are trying this newsletter instead.  It is designed to be printed off and posted at the clubs, so that club members can be kept abreast of things, and maybe even be entertained.  As energy allows, I hope to issue about four newsletters this curling year, and of course, we are always open to chatting with you.
Thank you for your time.  Feedback, topic suggestions, good chats are always welcome.
Cathy Dalziel
President, Nova Scotia Curling Association
Tel or text: 902-877-1268