Under 18 Nova Scotia Curling Associations Provincials…

The Chedabucto Curling Club Jr Girls participated in the Under 18 Nova Scotia Curling Associations Provincials tournament March 8&9 .
In a double knock out format the girls played against teams who have been competing at a provincial level for many years . These teams were seeded 3rd & 8th provincially . 
Although they were not successful in winning, they held their own in a 5-7 ( Team Nodding) and a 6-7 loss (Team Fitzgerald ) .
Team members , Victoria Grady (Skip) , Vanessa Dort ( Mate) , Hanna Manthorne ( Second) and Jenna Dort ( Lead) are to be commended on a very well played tourny . Curling on ice that was new ( and much faster) than what they are used to and curling in front of a very large crowd and officials can be overwhelming , but this team made it look easy . Congratulations Team Grady !