Email from NS Curling on ‘Return to Play Plan’…

To keep you informed re COVID-19’s impact on the Chedabucto CC we have attached an email from the NS Curling Association. See below. With so many COVID-19 variables still in the wait-and-see stages I am waiting to see what happens over the next month or three.

At last week’s executive meeting it was approved for a Duckie Race to be organized for Sept 12 with the tickets to be printed once we receive the lottery license number. We are not planning a chicken BBQ this summer, for very obvious reasons.

As of today, no AGM is planned since none of us know what the COVID-19 developments will be regarding the pandemic. As events unfold such as the schools opening (or not), the state of emergency in NS ending (or not), the US border opening (or not), colleges/universities opening (or not) and the many other possibilities happening, it would drive us crazy to plan our next curling season in July or August and even possibly in September.

Once the executive has a general idea around which for it can have discussions, you will be contacted with updates from that hoped-for meeting. If things go as I hope, the Club’s AGM will be held in October providing we can do so safely. If we are not permitted to assemble for a membership meeting, that problem will be discussed by the executive and its recommendation(s) provided.

Take care of each other. Stay safe.

Good afternoon Club Presidents and others:
On behalf of Nova Scotia Curling I am pleased to report that the Board approved the Return to Play Plan and it has been submitted to the 3 levels of Government as required before you can open your clubs.
Many of you have been contacting your members with surveys, memberships,and how the club will adapt to post-COVID19, etc. to gauge their intentions to return to the clubs in the Fall.  This is critical to each club so that you are making an informed decision as to whether you can open under a good financial model.
There still remains a lot of uncertainty around COVID19 and speculation as to if we have indeed come out of the first wave of infection.  With the Atlantic borders opening and our friends to the South surpassing daily world record cases, only time will tell.
We have not attached the Plan as there may be feedback or changes required prior to approval and we want to ensure you are working with the most current version.  Many of you have seen (on Facebook) CCA’s Return to Play Plan last week.  Please remember that this document is based on a National event and while there is still a lot of good information in the document, EVERY CLUB IN NS WILL NEED TO ADHERE TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH GUIDELINES FOR NS.
Your most current version of the NS Public Health Guidelines are here:
Just received from Curling Canada today, the attached link will be helpful to your clubs.  You might also like to consider ‘triples’ as a way to get folks out while still maintaining six foot distancing.
I would like to thank the 6 foot Curling Committee who worked over the last 8 weeks to build our plan.  Our main priority is for clubs to be able to open in the Fall and our members can return to a safe environment and enjoy the game.  It will look a bit different as we all need to maintain 6 feet of distance.  We are working on a Q & A sheet for your use.
Chris Mosher, President, NS Curling