BETWEEN THE SHEETS – Curling Sheets…..

Hi Everyone:  I just knew by the title that you would open this one.  Have you ever noticed how much information you take in and give out while playing a curling game.  A lot of it is usually between individuals playing on different sheets of ice.  Because of Covid we are tending to not stick around the club as much as we used to so I’ve decided to start sending out (when necessary) a little newsletter to make sure no one misses anything and I’ve called it BETWEEN THE SHEETS.

Between The Sheets Issue #1 November 30, 2020

**   First our annual Turkey Shoot will take place this coming Saturday starting at 7:00pm.  Open to all members and non-members alike. Cash bar will be available.  All Covid rules will be followed including masks in the lounge area unless you are seated and eating or drinking.  Tickets prices are 1 rock for $3.00 or 2 rocks for $5.00. See attached poster.

**     To keep us all safe please follow the Covid rules whenever you are at the club:

  • Everyone coming into the club for games, practises, or just a visit MUST sign in at the door. This includes all non members as well.
  • If you need to borrow a piece of equipment such as a broom, stick, etc. from the table in the lounge, please clean them yourself prior to using them.
  • All individuals must wear a mask everywhere in the building except when on the ice. You do not need to wear one if you are seated and are eating or drinking.
  • There will be a list of items that need to be cleaned prior to playing a league game on the bulletin board.

Remember, for us to have a full season of curling, we must all do our part in keeping everyone safe on and off the ice.

** If you can’t curl for whatever reason, please reach to the spares first to fill your position.  They were good enough to add their name to the list so please use them.

** Evelyne Jamieson has agreed to take care of refundable bottle and can collection for the club.  If anyone wishes to donate their home refundable cans or bottles, you can bring them to the club and put them in the old furnace room where Evelyne will take care of them.  All funds raised go towards supplying the kitchen with coffee, tea, disposable cups etc..

** Finally, we probably all agree that the ice has been very good this year.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank George Luddington and Phil O’Regan along with their team of assistants (listed below) for the hundreds of hours of work it takes to make and maintain the ice.  Without them we would be curling on crusher dust.

The Team: George Luddington, Phil O’Regan, Rob Billard, Blair Brymer, Neil Decoff, Paul Long, George Nahrebecky, Fred Sullivan, and even I helped a little.


Thanks, Maurice