Delay in the New Year start-up dates….

Hi Everyone:  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that we will all stay healthy in the New Year. 

Just before Christmas the Province and Curl NS announced that all games were to be cancelled from Monday December 21st. for 3 weeks which brings us up to Monday January 11th which is 1 week later than our planned start up.

I was hoping that things would change and we could resume curling this coming Monday, but unfortunately this has not happened and we cannot play games until the 11th.  Therefore all league games for next week will not take place.  I will leave it up to the schedulers Phil , Gerry, Neil and Gary to do what they feel will get us back on track. 

The ban is only on games, anyone wishing to practice can still do so as long as there are no games played during the practice times and the “usual”  Covid guidelines are followed. 

I will update you if there are any changes prior to January 11th.

Happy New Year