Results are in from the Edgar Sceles Memorial…

Our annual Edgar Sceles Memorial bonspiel has come to an end. In all, eight teams competed for the right to wear the Memorial pins donated by the Sceles family (A BIG thank you) in honour of Edgar Sceles, a long time and one of the original members of the Chedabucto CC. This year with the Covid protocols in place it was a tough one to get organized. At first there was a thought we would not be playing since Sport NS had postponed curling until Jan. 25th. But with 32 eager curlers wanting to get back on the ice we were able to get it done. Part of the protocols was no ‘outside of the club’ curlers were allowed to participate and no spectators. It was also decided to not have food available for sale. It was also decided to minimize the prize table. So we ended up with enough prizes for the top three teams and the ‘Closest to the pin’ individual award.

As for the games after the round robin was complete on Sat night Team Long finished 1st in the ‘A’ division and Team Brymer was 1st in the ‘B’ division. Those 2 teams played for the trophy and pins on Sunday with Team Brymer squeaking one out by 2 points. Congrats to Team Brymer with skip Blair Brymer, mate Ryan Sangster, second Lois MacDonald and lead Brian MacDonald. Runner-up is Team Long with skip Paul Long, mate Emily Perry, second Margaret Hadley, and lead Heather Manual. We also had the 2nd place teams in each division play off for 3rd place overall. The teams were Team Jamieson and Team Grady. They played a hard fought game and in the end both skips needed to draw to the button to see who won since it had ended in a tie. Team Jamieson with skip Gerry Jamieson, mate Evelyne Jamieson, second Jack Leonard, and lead Marion Brow ended up winning. Team Grady with skip Victoria Grady, mate Vanessa Dort, second Hanna Manthorne, and lead Brooklyn Jordan were runner-up. 

During the bonspiel we had teams take a shot at the ‘Closest to the pin’ to use as a tiebreaker in case teams were tied after the round robin. Also we had an award for the individual ‘Closest to the pin’. And that winner was Emily Perry from Team Long whose rock landed right on the button. It should be noted that Paul Long’s rock also landed right on the button. It was Paul’s decision to offer the prize to Emily. Thank you Paul.

Finally I want to thank all who helped get this off the ground. Our bonspiel committee members Paul, Blair, Mary, and Phil all had input into how the event was going to be run. Thanks to all who helped get the ice ready each day: George, Paul, Blair, Maurice, Gary, and Rob. Thank you to all who helped sanitize both the ice area and the warm area during the bonspiel. I think most everyone took part in that. Thanks to all who helped out at the bar. And a big thanks to Linda who volunteered to clean up the club after we were all done today.