Reminder of Registration and announcement of Open House…

Hi All:  Don’t forget tomorrow night October 26th is registration night at the curling club starting at 7pm. 
Being double vaccinated and showing proof of it is a requirement to register this season. 
Also, although the ice is almost ready, it won’t be useable for tomorrow night.
However, on Thursday night we are going to have a open house for members wanting to stretch their legs and throw a few stones and especially for those who wish to try curling for the first time or again.  If you know of anyone interested please bring them along or send them our way.
There are only a couple of requirements to attend:
** Everyone must have clean footwear and of course dress warmly.
** Everyone entering the building must show proof of being double vaccinated. Wearing a mask  when in the lounge, dressing, and washroom areas is required (same mask rule as last year). 
Once you have registered for the season, you will not be required to show your proof of vaccination again.
Hope to see you all tomorrow and Thursday nights.