Curling Club closed until further notice…

Hi all:  As the result of the upswing of Covid 19 cases in the area and especially with the introduction of the omicron variant, it has been decided by the board to close the club effective midnight tonight.  The last thing we need is to have cases at the club resulting in having sick members, our friends and relatives.  Christmas is time for family and I’m sure no one wants to ruin it for anyone.  Trust me, the club will reopen as soon as it is safe.
This email is going out to all members, however perhaps each skip can contact their team members.  I would hate to have someone show up and find the doors locked and lights off.
In closing, the board of directors wish everyone happy holidays and thank you for your understanding on this difficult decision.  As Ruth Gunn said in her most resent email to me (Act now to be safe, not sorry).