Edgar Sceles Memorial bonspiel results…

Our annual Edgar Sceles Memorial bonspiel has come to an end. This was our last bonspiel of the season and it was a very close finish to see who would hoist the trophy. After 2 round robin games all 6 teams were at one win and one loss. So it came down to the final game for all. Before I give the results I would like to thank all the sponsors who helped out with prizes. First up was Ron Sceles and family who every year donate 4 sterling silver pins in honour of Edgar Sceles. Much appreciated. Next up was Thrill Hill Farms who donated four gift certificates at about a $40 value. These two prizes went to the winning team. Another sponsor, former member Basil Mattie, donated $50 to go towards prizes. With Basil’s money and money from the curling fees ($100) our club bought prizes from Seaside Timber Mart for the 2nd Place and 4th place teams. The 3rd place teams received prizes from Robin’s Donuts, a travel mug and a $20 gift certificate for gas each. Others to donate were Sceles Realty, who donated a $75 gift card from Hart’s General Store. This was awarded to the ‘Closest to the Pin winner’. With a rock right on the pin was Maurice Landry. We also had a ‘Hog Line winner’ in Gary MacMaster. He takes home a donated prize from Hart’s General Store. The two teams that finished 5th and 6th had picks of donated prizes from Big G’s Pizza (2 gift certificates for a medium pizza), Avery’s Independent (a cast iron roast pan), Seaside Timber Mart (two $25 gift certificates) and a gift bag with a jacket from RBC Guysborough. Finally we presented a donated gift basket from Rose’s Garden of Gifts to Vanessa Dort who played in her last bonspiel as a Junior. She is off to university next year in Ottawa. 

Now to the results. Finishing 1st and taking home the trophy along with the pins and Thrill Hill prize are Team W. Sangster with skip Wayne Sangster, mate Lois MacDonald, second Fred Sullivan, and lead Gary MacMaster. They finished with 102pts. In 2nd spot with 98pts was Team Luddington with skip George Luddington, mate Holly Pyle, second Gary Neufeld, and lead Leona Purcell. Third place with 96pts went Team J. Jamieson with skip Joe Jamieson, mate Vanessa Dort, second Ruth Gunn, and lead Jack Leonard. Finally in 4th place with 69pts was Team R. Sangster with skip Ryan Sangster, mate Maurice Landry, second Mary K. Connolly, and lead Lynda MacIntosh. Thanks to all who helped out in the bar (Maurice, Holly, Phil, Lynda, and Mary) and on the ice prep (Phil, George, Neil, Gerry and Gary). A special thanks to Holly, Leona, and Francis who fed us with appies at the final game and after.

The Champs Team W. Sangster: Lead Gary MacMaster, second Fred Sullivan, mate Lois MacDonald, and skip Wayne Sangster