Duckie Race ticket update….

Hi all:  I hope everyone is enjoying this nice but a little to dry weather. 
We have (8 books or 40 tickets) left to sell out of (250 books or 1250 tickets). Amazing. Big thanks to all who have taken on the task of selling. 
Anyone who needs a few more books please contact Maureen or Holly and they will make sure you get them. 
Remember that all ticket stubs and monies must be turned in by August 12th to either Holly or Maureen.  Maureen says the sooner the better so they can be recorded and thanks to those of you who have done so already.
The race will be held on August 20th in the brook next to the curling club.  We are looking at around 6pm when the tide is on its way out.  I’ll be sending out another email confirming the time.