Day League 2021

In the championship game for Day League, which was played on Tuesday night, Team Neufeld, who had finished in 4th place, beat Team Luddington. Congrats to Team Neufeld who was without most if not all of his regular players. That now ends the curling season at the club. Plant is shut down and getting ready for the summer months.

In Monday’s Day league semi final Team Neufeld beat Team J. Jamieson. They will now play Team Luddington in the championship game tomorrow night at 7pm. The club will then shutdown for the season. Good luck to both teams.

The Day League 2nd half playoffs begin on Monday April 4th at 9:30am. The four teams in are Team Luddington (1st), Team J. Jamieson (t-2nd), Team O’Regan (t-2nd) and Team Neufeld (4th). Before the two games begin Team J. Jamieson and Team O’Regan will do a ‘team draw to the button’ to determine who finishes 2nd and 3rd. 

The 2nd half of Day league starts on Monday Feb 14th. Here is the team list and schedule: 



Day league 1st half starts on Mon. Nov/8th with 7 teams and ends on Dec 22nd. Here are the team list and schedule: