Day League 2017_18

On Thursday April 19th there will be three make-up games. At 9:30 Team G. Jamieson plays Team Armstrong and Team O’Regan plays Team J. Jamieson. At noon Team O’Leary plays Team Connolly. Page playoffs will start next Monday with the top 4 teams playing off.

This mornings make-up games went as follows. Team G. Jamieson beat Team Armstrong to finish tied for 3rd place. Team J. Jamieson beat Team O’Regan and also finished tied for 3rd place. Team Connolly won by default and finished in 2nd place. Page playoffs will see Team long play Team Connolly in the 1 vs 2 game. Game TBA. On Monday morning April 23rd Team G. Jamieson will play Team J. Jamieson to decide who advances to the Semi final game.

Day League final is set…. On Sunday afternoon Team Long beat Team Connolly to advacne to the Day League Final. Team Connolly was to wait and see who won the 3 vs 4 game.

On Monday morning Team G. Jamieson beat Team J. Jamieson in the 3 vs 4 game… Tues saw Team G. Jamieson beat Team Connolly in the semi-final game… Tonight at 6pm Team Long will play Team G. Jamieson for the Day league 2nd Half Championship…

Day League Mar/Apr  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Team Long 16  1st Team J. Jamieson 14 T-3rd  
Team O’Regan 12  5th Team Armstrong 10  6th  
Team Connolly 15  2nd Team G. Jamieson 14   T-3rd  
Team Worth 9  7th  
Team O’Leary 4  8th

Here is the new teams list and schedule for Mar/Apr/2018.

Here is the new teams list and schedule for Jan/Feb/2018.



Here is the team list/schedule for the Day League. These games up until Dec. 21st are only exhibition games. New teams will be made up for January/Feb.