Day League 2018_19

Here is the 2nd Half Team list and schedule:

In the Day League 1st Half Semi Final game on Thursday Jan. 24th Team G. Jamieson beat Team E. Jamieson. The battle of husband and wife… Team G. Jamieson then played Team Long in the final game on Friday the 25th with Team Long winning it all. We are now onto the 2nd Half of Day League which gets underway on Monday Jan. 28th.

1st Half Day League playoffs are under way… on Monday morning Team Long beat Team G. Jamieson in the 1 vs 2 game and in the afternoon Team E. Jamieson beat Team J. Jamieson in the 3 vs 4 game. Team E. Jamieson now plays Team G. Jamieson in the semi-final game on Thursday morning. The winner of this plays Team Long on Friday in the final.

Here is the Team list and schedule for the 1st half of the Day League. Please not that no phone numbers are listed due to privacy issues. The full list will be at the curling club soon. Skips will be calling you very soon.

Team List

1st Half schedule