Ducky Race and Chicken BBQ

Our Ducky Race & Chicken BBQ multiple events at our curling rink happened because of volunteers pitching in with their time. Doing what was done today just does not happen; it takes much time, effort and literally sweat to make it successful. I will not attempt to list the many who contributed — but I can envision you at your task(s). THANK YOU!

To those who bought / sold duckie tickets: Thank you!

To those who donated to the stick pick: Thank you!

To those who volunteered today so many could have enjoyable experiences: Thank you!

The winners of the duckie race were as follows:

Tara (Muise) Brown, formerly of Guysborough but now of Rankin Inlet: $500.00 for the fastest duck.

Beryl (Long) Hadley, Mulgrave, at a very close second: $200.00.

Cathy Nunn, Bayfield, as the third to finish: $100.00

That’s it folks. It is time for me to dig at the back of the fridge for a cold beer (or tonight — maybe two 🙂 )

Cheers to all,


Chefs: (front left clockwise) Jim Muise, George Luddington, Brian
MacDonald ( lead cooker) and Don Armstrong. Photo Chris West

Our annual Ducky Race and Chicken BBQ will be held on Sunday Aug 5th from 1-4pm.

Ducky tickets: Please return your sold tickets (and money) to Kay Chisholm, #3698 Havendale,  so she can record the ducks’ numbers on the large wall charts. If you can’t get them to Kay, another member of the executive will be pleased to take them.

When ducky tickets are turned in at the last minute it really puts pressure on volunteers to record the sold ducks and for us to remove unsold ducks (tickets) from the ducky race.

Stick pick prizes: It is only 18 days until the chicken BBQ and the stick picks. Please get your donated stick-pick prizes to Bette Ann Corkum (stick pick coordinator) as soon as possible so she can coordinate them with the numbered sticks. For the stick pick to be successful we need your assistance.

Prizes and tickets can also be returned to Maurice & Maureen Landry, #11151 Highway 16 (on Boylston side of Boylston park, new house).

Here is the poster for the event.