League Standings 14/15

Final League standings as of Thursday Mar. 26th

Please note that the Day League changed teams on Jan. 19th. Congrats to Team DeCoff on winning the 1st half of the Day League schedule.

The Day league games for the week of Mar. 16-19 were all cancelled due to the weather. They will be played next week Mar. 23rd and 26th with playoffs the following week.

Also note that the Night League has a different point system. There will be 6pts for a win, 3pts for a tie and 2 pts for every end won.

Day League Pts Night League Pts Night League (Cont.) Pts
Team 1 K. O’Leary 13   5th Team 1 S. Brymer 189  1st Team 5 N. DeCoff 173** 5th
Team 2 G. Jamieson 20 2nd Team 3 M. Hadley 188 2nd Team 8 B. MacDonald 169* 6th
Team 3 E. Jamieson 15 4th Team 2 P.Dobson 186 3rd Team 7 P. O’Regan 169* 7th
Team 4 S. Hart 26  1st Team 4 G. Cunningham 173** 4th Team 6 B. Brymer 163 8th
Team 5 M. Connolly 20 3rd  
Team 6 F. Bieber 12 6th

Final Standings for the Night League. Playoffs begin this week:

Tues Mar. 24th 1st vs 8th (Ice 1)   2nd vs 7th (Ice 2)

Team S. Brymer (1st) beat Team B. Brymer (8th)

Team Haley (2nd) beat Team O’Regan (7th)

Thurs Mar. 26th 3rd vs 6th (Ice 1)  4th vs 5th (Ice 2)

Mar. 31st Semi-finals (Higher seed vs lower seed)

Apr. 2nd Final and 3rd place game

** Team Cunningham finished 4th based on the tiebreaker of wins/losses vs Team DeCoff

* Team MacDonald finished 6th based on total points in the two games vs Team O’Regan

Above are the final Day League standings. The top four teams advance to the page playoffs beginning on Monday Mar. 30th. Note that Team G. Jamieson and Team Connolly will play a tiebreaker game (day and time TBA) to decide who finishes 2nd and 3rd. Team Hart awaits the winner of that game while Team E. Jamieson awaits the loser of that game.

Results from the tiebreaker game: Team G. Jamieson beats Team Connolly to finish in 2nd place. So on Monday Mar. 30th Team Hart will play Team G. Jamieson in the 1-2 page playoff game. In the 3-4 game it will be Team Connolly playing Team E. Jamieson.