League Standings 2016_17

Final League standings as of the of Mar. 22nd….

Day League 2nd Half Pts   Pts    
Team McDonald 16 1st Team G. Jamieson 12 6th  
Team O’Regan 16  2nd Team O’Leary 12 7th  
Team DeCoff 16  3rd Team Luddington 12 8th  
Team Long 16  4th Team J. Jamieson 4  9th  
Team Worth 14  5th Team Connolly  2  10th
Final Night League Pts Final Night League Pts    
Team Luddington 28  1st Team O’Connor 18  5th  
Team S. Brymer 25 2nd Team B. Brymer 16 6th  
Team Long 22  3rd Team O’Regan 10 7th  
Team Dobson 21  4th Team Hyam 8  8th  

The 1st half of the Day League is complete as of Jan. 12th. The page playoffs started on Friday Jan. 13th with the 1 vs 2 game and the 3 vs 4 game. Team Connolly beat Team DeCoff in the 1/2 game and advanced to the final on Tuesday Jan. 17th at 9:30am. Team Long lost to Team G. Jamieson in the 3/4 game. Team G. Jamieson played Team DeCoff on Monday Jan. 16th in the semi-final game. The winner on the final shot of the game was Team DeCoff. Team DeCoff played Team Connolly in the final and was victorious. The 2nd half of the Day League starts on Thursday Jan. 19th. Team lists and schedules are now posted.

Night League playoffs start on Thursday Mar. 23rd with Team Luddington (1st place) vs Team S. Brymer (2nd place) on Ice 1. On Ice 2 it will be Team B. Brymer (6th place) vs Team O’Regan (7th place). Winner of the 1 vs 2 game goes directly to the A final on Tues April 4th. Loser will play the winner of the 3 vs 4 game on Thursday Mar. 30th. The 3 vs 4 game is on Tues. Mar. 28th with Team Long (3rd place) vs Team Dobson (4th place) on Ice 1. The B final will be held on Thursday Mar. 30th with Team O’Connor (5th place) playing the winner of the 6 vs 7 game on Ice 2.

Day league playoffs start on Thursday Mar. 23rd. The top 8 make the playoffs. The playoffs will be a double knockout affair. At 9:30 Team DeCoff (3rd place) plays Team G. Jamieson (6th place) and Team Long (4th place) plays Team Worth (5th place). At noon Team MacDonald (1st place) plays Team Luddington (8th place) and Team O’Regan (2nd place) plays Team O’Leary (7th place). Playoffs will resume next Monday and games will be determined by Thursday’s results.


Day League 1st Half Champs are Team DeCoff: Lyle Reid, Muriel Guthro, Mia DeCoff, and Neil DeCoff.