League Standings 2017_18

Our Night League starts on Dec 5th and finishes on April 24th with the League finals. The Day League right now, which started on Dec. 4th with 8 teams is playing exhibition games until the new year. In the New year teams will be made again and for Jan/Feb play. Then in March new teams will be setup for Mar./Apr.

Standings as of Mar 12th, 2018.

Day League Mar/Apr  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Team Long 2  T-2nd Team J. Jamieson 2  T-2nd  
Team O’Regan 2  T-2nd Team Armstrong 4  1st  
Team Connolly 2  T-2nd Team G. Jamieson 2  T-2nd  
Team Worth 0 8th  
Team O’Leary 2  T-2nd
Night League Pts Place   Pts  Place
Team O’Regan 13 3rd Team Sangster 19 1st  
Team Armstrong 12 T-4th Team Long 11 6th  
Team Luddington 8 7th Team B. Brymer 18 2nd  
Team O’Connor 12 T-4th Team Hadley 5 8th