League Standings 2018_19

On Friday April 5th the 2nd Half of the Day league held their championship game with Team E. Jamieson beating Team Connolly. Congrats to the winning team.

In the Day league semi-final Team E. Jamieson beat Team G. Jamieson to advance to the Day League final on Fri. April 5th.

Today was the page playoffs from the 2nd Half of the Day League. In the 1 vs 2 game Team Connolly beat Team E. Jamieson. Team Connolly advances to the league final on Wed. April 3rd at 9:30. Team E. Jamieson will now play in the Semi final on Tues April 2nd at 5pm. They will play Team G. Jamieson who beat Team Long in the 3 vs 4 game.

The 2nd half of Day League is complete. The top 4 teams advanced to the Page Playoffs on Monday April 1st at 9:30am. 1st place was Team E. Jamieson and her team will take on 2nd place Team Connolly. The winner advances to the final. Loser plays in the semi final vs the 3rd place vs 4th place winner. In the 3 vs 4 game it will be Team G. Jamieson vs Team Long.

In the Day League 1st Half Semi Final game on Thursday Jan. 24th Team G. Jamieson beat Team E. Jamieson. The battle of husband and wife… Team G. Jamieson then played Team Long in the final game on Friday the 25th with Team Long winning it all. We are now onto the 2nd Half of Day League which gets underway on Monday Jan. 28th.

1st Half Day League playoffs are under way… on Monday morning Team Long beat Team G. Jamieson in the 1 vs 2 game and in the afternoon Team E. Jamieson beat Team J. Jamieson in the 3 vs 4 game. Team E. Jamieson now plays Team G. Jamieson in the semi-final game on Thursday morning. The winner of this plays Team Long on Friday in the final.

Today, Jan 18th, was the last day of make-up games for the 1st half of Day League. Only one game was played/needed. Top four make the playoffs to start next Monday. They are Team Long in 1st place, Team G. Jamieson in 2nd place. Team E. Jamieson in 3rd place and Team J. Jamieson in 4th. Page playoffs begin on Monday Jan. 21st at 9:30am. 1st vs 2nd and 3rd vs 4th. New teams and schedule for the 2nd half TBA soon.

As of Nov. 5th the Day League has started with 2 games a week until Jan 16th. Games in the 1st half are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30am and 12 noon.

League Standings as of Mar. 28th….

Day League 2nd Half  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Team Long 18 4th Team J. Jamieson 11 7th  
Team E. Jamieson 23 1st Team Luddington 16 6th  
Team Armstrong 17 5th Team G. Jamieson 19 3rd  
Team O’Regan 8 8th  
Team Connolly 22 2nd

The Night League, as of last night, has officially come to an end. On Tues night in the B semi-final Team Luddington beat Team Armstrong to advance to last night’s B final vs Team Dobson. On Wed night Team Sangster beat Team Long in the A semi-final to setup a rematch of last years A final with Team Brymer. So last night Team Luddington beat Team Dobson to again win the B final. That is 2 years in a row for Team Luddington. In the A final, in a repeat of last years A final but with different teammates, Team Brymer beat defending champ Team Sangster this time around. Congrats to all.

On Thursday April 4th Team Sangster beat Team O’Connor in the 3 vs 4 Night League game. Team Sangster now advances to the A semi-final on Tues April 9th. In the 7 vs 8 Night League game Team Armstrong beat Team O’Regan to advance to the B semi-final on Tues April 9th vs Team Luddington. The winner of that game plays Team Dobson in the B final on April 11th. This past Sunday saw Team Brymer beat Team Long in the 1 vs 2 Night League game. Team Long now plays Team Sangster on Wed April 10th with Team Brymer going right to the A final game on April 11th.

In the Night League 5 vs 6 game it was Team Dobson beating Team Luddington in extra ends. Team Dobson advances right thru to the B Final on April 11th. Team Luddington will now play the winner of the 7 vs 8 game on April 9th.

The Night league has come to an end. The top four teams advance to the Page playoffs on the A side and the bottom four teams advance to the B side. In the 1 vs 2 game it will be Team Long vs Team Brymer on Sunday April 7th. In the 5 vs 6 game it will be Team Luddington vs Team Dobson on April 2nd at 7pm. Winners of both these games advance to the A and B final on April 11th at 7pm. Losers will play in the respective semifinals on April 9th at 7pm. In the 3 vs 4 game it will be Team O’Connor vs Team Sangster on April 4th at 7pm. In the 7 vs 8 game it will be Team O’Regan vs Team Armstrong. Winners of these games advance to the A and B semifinals on April 9th.

Night League Pts Place   Pts  Place
Team Luddington 19  5th Team Armstrong 12  8th  
Team O’Regan 13  7th Team Brymer 24  2nd  
Team O’Connor 22  3rd Team Dobson 14  6th  
Team Long 25  1st Team Sangster 21   4th