League Standings 2018_19

As of Nov. 5th the Day League has started with 2 games a we.ek until Jan 16th. Games in the 1st half are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30am and 12 noon.

League Standings as of Nov. 16th…

Day League 1st Half  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Team Long 6  T-1st Team J. Jamieson 2  T-4th  
Team O’Regan 2   T-4th Team DeCoff 0   8th  
Team Connolly 2  T-4th Team G. Jamieson 6   T-1st  
Team MacDonald 2  T-4th  
Team E. Jamieson 4   3rd

The Night League started on Nov. 6th and plays every Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm. Games go until Mar. 28th.

Night League Pts Place   Pts  Place
Team O’Regan 0   T-6th Team Sangster 2   T–4th  
Team Armstrong 2   T-4th Team Long 4   T-1st  
Team Luddington 4   T-1st Team B. Brymer 0   T-6th  
Team O’Connor 0   T-6th Team Dobson 4   T-1st