League Standings 2019_20

League standings as of Feb. 16th/2020.

You will note that the 1st Half of the Day League is now complete. Team G. Jamieson finished in 1st place. The 2nd half of Day League started today Jan. 27th. Mixed Doubles have been snowed out since the Dec 15th games. I do believe they played on Jan. 26th.

Day league started on Wed Nov. 6th, Night league on Nov. 5th, and Mixed Doubles on Nov. 17th.

Day League 2nd Half  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Team Long 6 T-2nd Team Luddington 6 T-2nd  
Team E. Jamieson 6 T-2nd Team Reid 1 10th  
Team Armstrong 8 1st Team G. Jamieson 4 T-6th  
Team Bates 2 9th Team DeCoff 6 T-2nd  
Team Connolly 3 8th Team O’Regan 4 T-6th
Final Day League 1st Half  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Team Long 17  3rd Team J. Jamieson 12 T-6th  
Team E. Jamieson 13  5th Team Reid 11 8th  
Team Armstrong 14 4th Team G. Jamieson 20 1st  
Team Bates 10 9th Team DeCoff 19 2nd  
Team Connolly 12 T-6th
Night League Pts Place Pts  Place
Team Luddington 12 3rd Team S. Brymer 10 5th  
Team Grady 7 7th Team B. Brymer 20 1st  
Team Connolly 1 8th Team Dobson 9 6th  
Team Long 16 2nd Team Sangster 11  4th  
Mixed Doubles  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Paul/Emily 15 2nd George N./Jenna 3 8th  
Ryan/Victoria 4 7th Paula/Iris 9 3rd  
Wayne/Vanessa 16 1st Blair/Doug 5 T-5th  
Charla/Gary 5 T-5th George L./Shauna 6 4th