League Standings 2021_22

On Tues night April 5th Team Long played Team Landry in the ‘A’ division semi final. Team Long won and will now face Team Luddington on Thurs night in the ‘A’ final at 7pm. In the ‘B’ division semi final it was Team S. Brymer squeaking one vs Team O’Regan 7-6. Team S. Brymer will now play in the ‘B’ division final on Thurs at 7pm vs Team O’Connor.

Today April 6th we started the page playoffs for the 2nd Half of Day league. Two teams were tied for 2nd place and needed a team draw to the button to see who finished in 2nd and 3rd place. Team J. Jamieson won the tiebreaker over Team O’Regan. So Team J. Jamieson played Team Luddington in the 1 vs 2 game with Team Luddington winning. In the 3 vs 4 game Team Neufeld beat Team O’Regan and now plays Team J. Jamieson on Monday at 9:30 in the semi final game. The winner plays Team Luddington. Date TBA later.

Final League standings as of Mar. 30th…

Day League 1st Half Pts Place  Pts Place   
Team G. Jamieson132ndTeam O’Regan94th  
Team Landry66thTeam DeCoff103rd  
Team A. Connolly47thTeam J. Jamieson85th  
Team Neufeld141st  

Final Day League Standings

Day League 2nd Half Pts Place  Pts Place   
Team G. Jamieson77thTeam O’Regan14T-2nd  
Team Landry96thTeam DeCoff105th  
Team Luddington181stTeam J. Jamieson14T-2nd  
Team Neufeld124th  

Final Night League Standings

Night LeaguePtsPlace Pts Place   
Team Luddington172ndTeam B. Brymer67th  
Team Long191stTeam Landry133rd  
Team O’Connor105thTeam Dobson114th  
Team O’Regan48thTeam S. Brymer106th