Mixed Doubles Bonspiel 2021

Our St. Patrick’s Day Mixed Doubles bonspiel was held this weekend Mar. 26/27. In total we had 8 teams competing. An ‘A’ and ‘B’ division was setup and a 3 game round robin was played. Before I announce the results I want to mention that we had an anonymous donor who donated $500 for this bonspiel to be used as we pleased. The committee decided to take $300 of that total to use as prize money for the final four teams in the playoffs. The other $200 went to the club. A big shout out to our donor for their $$ donation. In the end the team of Gerry and Evelyne Jamieson came in 1st place in the ‘A’ division by winning 2 and losing 1 for a total of 86pts. The 2nd place team in that division was the team of George Luddington and his sister Leona Purcell with 83pts and who also had a record of 2 wins and 1 loss. In the ‘B’ division the team of David O’Connor and Vanessa Dort won all 3 games and finished with 107pts. In 2nd place with a 2 win and 1 loss record was the team of Phil and Nancy O’Regan with 86pts. In the playoff game it was 1st vs 1st and 2nd vs 2nd. In the Championship game for the trophy and $120, Team Jamieson came out on top. The team of David O’Connor and Vanessa Dort came away with $80. In the battle of the 2nd place teams the team of George Luddington and Leona Purcell came out on top and took home $60. Team O’Regan came away with $40. All in all I think everyone who competed had fun. This was our 2nd annual bonspiel of Mixed Doubles. Hopefully next year the Covid protocols will be more relaxed and we can invite more teams. Thanks to the bonspiel committee for all their suggestions for this spiel, to the bar help of Maurice & Maureen Landry and Mary K. Connolly, to the kitchen staff of Maureen Landry and Ruth Gunn. and to all who helped out getting the ice ready per draw. Next up is our closing Memorial Bonspiel tentatively scheduled for Apr. 9th and 10th.

Here are the team list and schedule for the bonspiel:


This bonspiel has now been changed to Mar. 26/27 weekend. As of today only 6 teams of 2 have signed up. We need at least 8 to make a go of it.

Our 2nd annual St. Patrick’s Day Mixed Doubles bonspiel is happening this year on Mar. 19th and 20th. Here is the poster for the event: