Night League 2017_18

On Tue April 10 the Night League playoffs began with the 4th place team, Team Long, winning his game vs the 3rd place team in Team O’Connor. Team Long now advances to the ‘A’ Semi-Final game next Tue April 17th. In the 7th vs 8th place game Team Luddington, who was in 8th place, beat the 7th place team, Team Hadley. Team Luddington advances to the ‘B’ Semi-Final game next Tues April 17th.

On Wed night April 11th the 1st and 2nd place teams played off with Team Brymer, who was in 2nd place, beating Team Sangster, the 1st place team, with their final shot of the game to break up a 7-7 tie. Team Brymer now advances to the ‘A’ final next Thursday April 19th. Team Sangster gets another chance and plays Team Long next Tues April 17th in the ‘A’ Semi-Final. In the 5th vs 6th game Team O’Regan, who had finished in 6th place overcame 7-2 and 9-5 scores to beat Team Armstrong, who had finished in 5th place, 10-9. Team O’Regan will now advance to the ‘B’ Final next Thursday April 19th. Team Armstrong gets another chance in the ‘B’ Semi-Final next Tues April 17th vs Team Luddington. Good luck to all.

The ‘A’ and ‘B’ finals were played on April 19th with Team Sangster beating Team Brymer in the ‘A’ Final. In the ‘B’ Final Team Luddington, who had finished in 8th spot, beating 6th place Team O’Regan. Awards will be handed out this Thursday at our club social. Congrats to both teams.

Night League Playoffs begin on April 10th. Here is the playoff brackets and dates.

Night League will commence on Tues. Dec 5th at 7pm. Schedules and team list (without phone numbers) are available below as a jpg file. Copies will be at the rink as of Tuesday. Skips will contact you hopefully by Monday night or sooner.

Take note that when you need a spare for yourself it is up to you to get the spare from the spare list. Take note that players who do not play on a certain night are also available. With the late start to the season we will be playing games well into April. The playoffs will take place in a one week span with games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the finals the following Tuesday.

As in the past, each night a team is assigned ice prep duties. Please make sure you are at the rink 45 min before the game. If your team is unable to do the ice please contact George or Phil to help.

The schedule has changed as of Mar. 7th. The playoffs will now begin on April 10th. See the revised schedule below:

Night League Team List