Night League 2018_19

The Night League, as of last night, has officially come to an end. On Tues night in the B semi-final Team Luddington beat Team Armstrong to advance to last night’s B final vs Team Dobson. On Wed night Team Sangster beat Team Long in the A semi-final to setup a rematch of last years A final with Team Brymer. So last night Team Luddington beat Team Dobson to again win the B final. That is 2 years in a row for Team Luddington. In the A final, in a repeat of last years A final but with different teammates, Team Brymer beat defending champ Team Sangster this time around. Congrats to all.

On Thursday April 4th Team Sangster beat Team O’Connor in the 3 vs 4 Night League game. Team Sangster now advances to the A semi-final on Tues April 9th. In the 7 vs 8 Night League game Team Armstrong beat Team O’Regan to advance to the B semi-final on Tues April 9th vs Team Luddington. The winner of that game plays Team Dobson in the B final on April 11th. This past Sunday saw Team Brymer beat Team Long in the 1 vs 2 Night League game. Team Long now plays Team Sangster on Wed April 10th with Team Brymer going right to the A final game on April 11th.

In the Night League 5 vs 6 game it was Team Dobson beating Team Luddington in extra ends. Team Dobson advances right thru to the B Final on April 11th. Team Luddington will now play the winner of the 7 vs 8 game on April 9th.

The Night league has come to an end. The top four teams advance to the Page playoffs on the A side and the bottom four teams advance to the B side. In the 1 vs 2 game it will be Team Long vs Team Brymer on Sunday April 7th. In the 5 vs 6 game it will be Team Luddington vs Team Dobson on April 2nd at 7pm. Winners of both these games advance to the A and B final on April 11th at 7pm. Losers will play in the respective semifinals on April 9th at 7pm. In the 3 vs 4 game it will be Team O’Connor vs Team Sangster on April 4th at 7pm. In the 7 vs 8 game it will be Team O’Regan vs Team Armstrong. Winners of these games advance to the A and B semifinals on April 9th.

Here is the team list and schedule for the upcoming Night league for 2018/19. Please note that all skips have been informed of their teams and should have called you by now. Two skips I left a message for but I also emailed all of the skips. If by chance you do not get a call by Monday please let me know. (Phil at 863-8922). For any of the new players please note that when your team is scheduled for Ice prep please show up early to help out at around 6:20ish. Also as in the past our club does not post phone numbers on the team list. Copies of these will be at the club as of Monday, Nov. 5th.

Team List for 2018_19