Night League 2021_22

Last night, April 7th, the Night League championships were held at the club. In the ‘A’ Division final it was Team Luddington playing Team Long. In the end Team Luddington came away with the win and are champs of the Night League. Congrats to skip George Luddington, mate Fred Sullivan, and second Mary K. Connolly. In the ‘B’ division final it was Team O’Connor playing Team S. Brymer. Team S. Brymer came out on top and are champs of the ‘B’ division. Congrats to skip Shauna Brymer, mate Teagan Lombardo, lead Antony Fink, and filling in for Julie Fox was Jenna Dort. 

On Tues Mar. 29th Team Luddington beat Team Long in the 1 vs 2 game and Team Landry beat Team Dobson in the 3 vs 4 game. So Team Luddington now advances to the ‘A’ division final on April 7th. Team Long will play Team Landry in the ‘A’ division Semi final on Tues April 5th at 7pm.

In the Night League ‘B’ division playoff last night Team O’Connor beat Team S. Brymer to advance to the semi-final game on Tues the 5th of April. Team B. Brymer could not field a team and conceded the game vs Team O’Regan in the 7 vs 8 game therefore Team O’Regan will now advance to the semi final game vs Team O’Connor on Tues.

The standings below are now final. Playoffs begin on Tues Mar. 29th. Below is a chart for the playoffs.

Unless there are makeup games this weekend the final standings are complete as shown:

Playoffs begin next week. A slight change in the playoff schedule. The 3 vs 4 game will now be played on Mar. 29th and the 5 vs 6 game on Mar. 31st. Teams TBA after this Thursday’s games.

Night league begins on Tuesday Nov. 2nd. There are 8 teams again this year. As of today Nov. 1st we are 2 players short of a full 8 teams. Here is the team list and schedule as a pdf file..