Renovation Update

Aug. 2nd update

Newly renovated club. Please note that the main entrance is the far left. The ramp on the right is an emergency exit.

Feb 8th update

Here is an updated photo on the outside of the club. More pictures to follow on the bathrooms, kitchen and bar. Most of the work is now complete. Only some cosmetic touch-ups here and there.

Newly renovated picture of club.

Dec. 22nd update

I’ve been patiently waiting since July to send the attached photos of this work completed at the Chedabucto Curling Club due to many hours of planning, overseeing construction and financial donations from members, supporters plus financial assistance from the Municipality of the District of Guysborough. We still have the kitchen and bar areas to finish (completed by mid January) as well as numerous “final jobs” to complete  over the next month or two. (Scott Hart will be continuing when he is not required to tend to his snow plowing.) A-1 Gutter is coming on Wednesday to insulate the attic of the new section and touch up the original attic because of contractors being up there for duct work, electrical and construction work.

The first photo (009) shows the new section as one leaves the older piece looking out towards the main entrance with the washrooms’ doors to your left.

The second photo (003) shows the curling brooms holder designed by Scott located at the back wall of the coat/kit bag/street footwear area.

The third photo (004) shows the entire coat/street footwear area. We told Scott what we were seeking and he created what you see. 🙂

The fourth photo (005) is the Clarence Simpson bench that was donated years ago in Clarence’s memory. The bench is located immediately inside the main entrance. We wanted it there because of its history and due to the historical reality that Clarence Simpson, Edgar Sceles, Marie MacMaster and many other community-minded individuals gave much time and energy (and financial support) to enable us to be able enjoy our wonderful curling/community facility.

Photo 006 is Clarence’s bench as seen when one is stepping into the entrance.

Photo 008 is the donor recognition wall that will hold the wall-mounted display in which we will acknowledge those who have made all this possible via their financial assistance. Above the yet-to-be-made donors’ display is Junior Sceles’s straw broom to acknowledge his involvement in the rink as well as to recognize the design of a curling broom that has a history in curling. (To the right is the men’s washroom entrance with the women’s to the left.)

Nov. 24th update

Here are some more pictures from the club. Ice is in and almost ready to go. Curling should start on Dec 4th.

Nov. 8th update

Latest update as of Nov. 8th. Ice plant is still down. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be up and running and we can get the ice in. It will take at least 2 weeks to get the ice ready to curl on.

Oct. 15th update

Here are the latest pictures from Oct. 15th.


Sept. 23rd update

Here is the latest updates as of Sept. 23rd. The dehumidifier has been moved into place in the new part of the building. Most of the new wiring and plumbing is in place. All the windows and doors are in. The door to the dehumidifier was left off while the dehumidifier was put in. Here is the latest photos:

Sept. 15th update

Here are the latest photos from Friday Sept. 15th. The steel roof is almost complete. Wiring has started indoors with Cross Roads Electrical. Weather cooperated this week.

Sept. 11th update

Scott and Mike have been busy. The roof of the curling rink’s main portion is closed in with them working on the mudroom’s roof today. Once the mudroom’s roof is done, on goes the steel-sheet roofing and then the inside work continues.

Roof is enclosed

Sept. 5th update

As of today Sept. 5th at 1:00pm the roof trusses are up and almost complete. And this was all done this morning…. Our executive had a meeting on Monday night and there was none so Scott and Mike are pretty quick…. Here is the latest pics from today.

Sept. 2nd update

As of Sept. 2nd things are moving forward with the curling rink’s expansion/renovation construction. The attached photo indicates the new main entrance to the photo’s left with the secondary exit door in the former furnace room to your right. The former furnace room will be used as a holding area for the compost bin, garbage and the bar’s empties, as they await their removal. The small window that was in the lounge is now in the entrance area to your left. The donated window in the photo’s centre has been placed where the main doorway was located .

The single rectangular cut-out window space to your left by the work bench is for one of the two accessible washrooms. Insulation still covers the second washroom’s window as it awaits the delivery of the expansion’s windows. The roof trusses are to arrive this week for the roof’s installation. The windows and doors will be arriving shortly. The exterior entrance door for the dehumidifier room is located off camera behind the expansion.

Thank you to Scott and Mike for their efforts and skills to get this project finished. Thank you also to Maurice for overseeing the project as the Chair of the Expansion/Renovation Committee.

If you are in the rink’s neighbourhood, stop by to inspect and to admire. 🙂


Aug 22nd update

The walls, as you can see below in the picture, are up at the club. Waiting now for windows and roofing material. Here are photos from Aug. 22/2017:

As we anticipated and as happens with all renovation/construction jobs: unanticipated expenses do arise.

We knew that the rink’s yard was a wet mess during all times of rain and winter slush. The reality is that a great deal of rain runs off the Reddy’s Hill road and onto the rink’s property.

The property’s elevation was examined and we saw that its slope was not working with us. So as to direct that runoff away from the rink and prevent a lot of it from running onto the property and up to the building, the decision was made to have the attached photo’s drainage weeping pipe installed and covered in stones along the length of the building and on the entire Reddys Hill side of the parking lot. That drainage pipe will carry runoff to the stream via the back of the ice shed and also out to the main roadway’s ditch thereby improving the yard’s condition.

We are investigating the cost and means by which we might be able to put class A gravel onto the entire parking lot. Of course — all of this will put more expenses into the overall project therefore we must find the means to acquire that task’s necessary funding.

Stay tuned — challenges are ahead of us but we will succeed.


Aug. 11th update

Scott and Mike have been busy. The attached photo below was taken on Friday, August 11. (The work is being done and the bills are


The door to your left is the dehumidifier-room door that opens onto ice 1. The exposed mid point in the wall is the area where the change area will open into the lounge. The foundation’s protruding foreground is the mudroom’s entrance into the rink. The window and door on your right will be closed over with a donated window going into the location of the present entrance’s door. The small window visible to your right will be relocated to the mudroom entrance.

We are getting there. It will definitely be right some good when it is completed.


Floor is complete…

Here is a pic of our newly updated thermometer with Holly and Ray…

Newly updated thermometer for club with Holly and Ray…

July 31st update

Here are some pics from Monday July 31st of the foundation walls in… next up is the back-filling and then the walls can be started…

July 21st update

The Chedabucto Curling Club Community Activity Society (CAS) has begun its $210,000.00 expansion and upgrading renovations. C. Grady Concrete workers were at CAS’s Boylston site on Friday, July 21, preparing to install the footings for the expansion’s frost wall.

The old dehumidifier room is off and will be used for storage once everything is completed…

Our fundraising has started. Below are pdf files of the brochure, pledge/donation letter and financial support cover letter.

Curling Renovation Brochure May 2017

Curling Renovations Pledge Form May 2017 with levels and graphic

Curling Renovations Appeal Letter May 2017 with watermark

After the Chedabucto CC advertised, with a May 31, 2017, deadline for “Expressions of Interest” via the Guysborough Journal, The Reporter, The Casket, The Highland Heart Weekly, Facebook, the Club’s web site, emails and word-of-mouth, Scott Hart, Hart Carpentry and Contracting, MacPherson’s Lake, has been called by our Expansion/Renovation Committee Chair Maurice Landry and given the go ahead to commence the Chedabucto curling rink’s immediate expansion.

Hart Carpentry and Contracting, due to other job commitments, plans to begin the Chedabucto Curling Club’s expansion within the early part of this month.

The work size for the expansion is the section consisting of the new addition (entrance, change area, washrooms), the new door in via the existing former-furnace room and the roof on the brook side of only the lounge area.

As moneys are gathered, hopefully, the other anticipated capital improvements can be then factored into our building’s improvements.

We have now finalized plans for our renovation to the club. See pictures below.

Here is the latest pdf file from Michael Peters plus the material list:

36×24 CurlingC. Boylston May 2017

Curling Club Add.material list

Below is the write-up on the work:

Expressions of interest are being sought until May 31, 2017, for the Chedabucto Curling Club’s Expansion/Renovation Project, 6 Reddy’s Hill, Boylston, Guysborough County.
Construction will consist of a wood addition (approximately 22 feet x 35 feet) situated on an ICF frost wall foundation as well as renovations to the existing curling rink.
Completion of the Chedabucto Curling Club’s construction goal is October 1, 2017.
For more information contact
Mr. Maurice Landry, Chairperson
Expansion/Renovation Committee
Home phone: 902.533.4068