Skins Cash Bonspiel 2020

Results from the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Skins Cash Spiel from yesterday Feb 22nd are in. A fun filled 2 day event has wrapped up at our club over the weekend. Our annual Skins Cash spiel with 6 teams this year playing three 6 end games in the round robin and one playoff game of 8 ends. Before I give the results I would like to thank our major sponsor, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, who again this year donated $750 towards the cash prizes and quite a few table prizes. Thanks to Lorraine Brymer for taking care of this again for us this year. New to the spiel this year we had three $250 sponsors in Mulgrave Machine Works, Scotia Diesel Ltd., and Ron Chisholm Hydroseed. Thank you Paul Long for obtaining these three sponsors. So with their help we were again able to have teams play for a total of $1395 over three finals. The remaining $105 went to food at dinner time. Speaking of dinner Strait Engineering donated $100 towards our dinner of Big G’s pizza’s. Thank you Basil Mattie and Ghandi at Big G’s. Also thank you to Robin’s Donuts for supplying us with table prizes. Thank you Fraser. Many thanks go out to our volunteers who helped out at the bar (Maurice and Maureen), kitchen (Maureen, Nancy, Francis), ice prep (George L., George N., Paul, Neil, Phil, Maurice), and food donations (Lois, Maurice, Nancy, Francis, Kay, Gary, Evelyne, Elaine, Paul etc).

Now to the results: After the 3 round robin games Team Sangster went undefeated with 182pts, 2nd place went to Team Jamieson with 139pts, 3rd place was Team DeCoff with 85 pts, Team Long was in 4th with 73pts, in 5th place was Team Armstrong with 68pts and 6th place was Team Luddington with 56pts. In the playoff finals the 5 vs 6 game, sponsored by Scotia Diesel Ltd., Team Luddington sqeaked one out and won the game. They took home $125 with Team Armstrong winning $120. In the 3 vs 4 game, sponsored by Mulgrave Machine Works, Team DeCoff won and took home $300 while Team Long took home $165. And finally in the championship game, sponsored by Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, Team Sangster was able to take every end and take home $685 vs Team Jamieson. Also in this event and other spiels we have a draw to the pin in case of tiebreakers. Each team member throws a rock to the pin with the closest member winning a prize. Also the team score is used for the tiebreaker and there is a prize for the team. Sponsoring this closest to the pin was Ron Chisholm Hydroseed. The closest to the pin was Junior curler Vanessa Dort. Her rock was 1.5″ from the pin. Doug Avery was also 1.5″ but graciously gave it to Vanessa, thank you Doug. Team award was Team Luddington with 15 pts, 2 pts ahead of Team Armstrong. Thank you to all who curled 4 games over 2 days. Hope to do this again next year. Next up is a St. Patrick’s Day Mixed Doubles Spiel on Sat. Mar 14th. A poster will go up soon. 

Here is the schedule and team list for the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Skins Cash Spiel this weekend. A few changes has happened since the poster was put up. We ended up with only 6 teams so we have dissolved the 2 divisions. All teams will now play three 6 end games. The final playoff games will now be Saturday night and they will be 8 end games starting at 5:00 with the 5th vs 6th place teams. At 7:30 the 1st vs 2nd and 3rd vs 4th will play for money. No games on Sunday. We welcome three new sponsors to the event; two of our sign sponsors have donated money. They are Mulgrave Machine Works and Scotia Diesel Ltd. A new sponsor, Ron Chisholm Hydroseed has also donated money. Strait Engineering has donated money for food. 

Team List

Newest poster for our Skins spiel…. We now have three new sponsors on board now that include Mulgrave Machine Works, Scotia Diesel, and Ron Chisholm Hydroseed total sponsorship money is now at $1500. Hope to be getting more. ‘A’ division teams for now will play for $845 and the ‘B’ division teams will play for $545. Total $$ to be finalized as we get closer to the event. Bonspiel is Feb 21-23.