Skins Cash Bonspiel 2020

Here is the schedule and team list for the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Skins Cash Spiel this weekend. A few changes has happened since the poster was put up. We ended up with only 6 teams so we have dissolved the 2 divisions. All teams will now play three 6 end games. The final playoff games will now be Saturday night and they will be 8 end games starting at 5:00 with the 5th vs 6th place teams. At 7:30 the 1st vs 2nd and 3rd vs 4th will play for money. No games on Sunday. We welcome three new sponsors to the event; two of our sign sponsors have donated money. They are Mulgrave Machine Works and Scotia Diesel Ltd. A new sponsor, Ron Chisholm Hydroseed has also donated money. Strait Engineering has donated money for food. 

Team List

Newest poster for our Skins spiel…. We now have three new sponsors on board now that include Mulgrave Machine Works, Scotia Diesel, and Ron Chisholm Hydroseed total sponsorship money is now at $1500. Hope to be getting more. ‘A’ division teams for now will play for $845 and the ‘B’ division teams will play for $545. Total $$ to be finalized as we get closer to the event. Bonspiel is Feb 21-23.