Skins Cash Spiel 2014

The Annual Exxon Mobil/Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Skins Cash Spiel was held this year on Mar. 14-16 weekend. Six teams were entered in the ‘A’ Division this year. Four teams from our club and two from the Highlander club took part for a chance at the big money on Sunday. Teams from our club were Team Jamieson, Team Sangster, Team Brymer, Team Luddington. The two from the Highlander were Team Druhan, who were the defending champs from last year, and Team MacIsaac. Play began on Friday night with three draws and entertainment by Garth Wilson and Shane Cook. On Saturday play resumed at noon with the final draw at 6pm. Final results were Team Sangster in 1st place with 201pts, Team MacIsaac in 2nd with 148pts, Team Druhan in 3rd with 107pts, and Team Luddington in 4th also with 107 pts. So on Sunday the semifinals had Team Sangster vs Team Luddington and Team MacIsaac vs Team Druhan. Team Luddington advanced to the A final to face Team MacIsaac while the runner-ups faced off in the B final. In the A final Team Luddington took home the championship trophy and $525 while Team MacIsaac collected $430. In the B final Team Sangster was the winner with $290 and Team Druhan did not go home empty handed and won $155. A lot of fun and good curling was had by all. Thanks again to all who helped make this a successful spiel. A BIG thank you goes out to our two major sponsors, ExxonMobil and Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline who not only donated the cash but also provided us with a lot of door prizes. This was the 9th Skins spiel donated by them. Also thanks goes out to George and his helpers for doing a great job on the ice prep, Loraine for her help in getting us the sponsorship, Shauna for her help in organizing the teams and draws, Nancy & Mary for their fantastic dinner Sat night, our bartenders Brian, Ray, Mary, Mike, Nancy & Phil, plus our members who helped with food donations, Sharmaine, Heather, Marg, Diane, and Donna.