Stick Curling 2015_16

Stick curling will resume in the New Year.

Last Wednesday, November 25th, Chedabucto CC started offering stick curling games at the rink. Participants are asked to arrive early so teams can be formed. The two-person teams are requested to be set to go for 7:00 PM therefore players are asked to be in attendance at approximately 20 minutes to 7:00 PM to form teams and to schedule the games.  We don’t know the numbers of players at this time thus we will need to finalize the draws on Wednesday when the curlers arrive.

Chedabucto CC is offering these stick-curling curling games for current members, former members and never-been members with the games following the rules of stick curling: 2 members per team, 6 rocks for each team member, 6-end games — and no sweeping. The balance of the rules for stick curling can be found at the following:

For Chedabucto CC members the cost of registration is free. For others who want to participate and are not Chedabucto CC members, their cost will be the same as the “spare dues”: $10.00 for the night — and that fee will be recognized as a credit towards regular membership if that person joins Chedabucto CC in the 2015-2016 curling season.

If you will share this information with others, that will be appreciated. Hopefully, this first-time stick curling will be popular and lead to more of the same.

Cheers 🙂