History of the Chedabucto Curling Club

(Based on material originally written by Stanley MacDonald, former Chedabucto CC treasurer)

The first stones were thrown on DesBarres pond, Guysborough by Al Marlow, Cliff Hawes, Edgar Sceles, and others interested in curling. It was a fine Sunday afternoon in February 1963. Enough interest was shown by the group to warrant the erection of a building and forming a curling club.

In early 1963 a site was found in Boylston which at the time belonged to Charles Pyle. Gordon Pyle, Charles’ son, donated the land to the Club in 1964. The present curling club is still on this site.

During the summer and fall of 1964 construction took place. The building consisted of a wooden frame covered with plastic and resembled a large green house! Water source was the brook beside the structure and the one sheet of natural ice depended on the cooperation of “Jack Frost”.

A small wooden building was hauled to the site for a temporary clubroom. A window and door were cut in the side of the building overlooking the ice. Great interest was shown by local people and resulted in 64 members and 8 associated members. Dues were $10.00 for active members and $5.00 for associates. This structure was soon replaced by a permanent building with 2 sheets of ice and a clubroom.

By 1965 membership was increasing. Forty ladies joined the 64 men and the club became a very active spot in the social life of the area.

In January 1965 the club applied to be registered as a Society. The names on the application were Cliff Hawes, William Shea, Edgar Sceles, Frank Gosbee and Harvey Hadley. This led to the official incorporation under the Societies Act on February 25, 1965. Stones were sold at $5.00 each. Eighteen people bought shares and many money donations were given by businesses and individuals in the area. During construction of the building a great deal of labour and materials were also donated.

A constitution and by-laws were written, a crest and pin designed and the club was off and curling. (The present pin was designed by Mae Simpson.) Skips were elected at annual meetings and teams were picked for regular play. The club was represented at the bonspiels in various locations and interest was high. The Chedabucto Curling Club became known throughout the province.

In the early seventies conversion to artificial ice made it possible to curl when members wished instead of depending on the weather.

The existence of the Chedabucto Curling Club is due to certain charter members:

Edgar Sceles – he was responsible for almost all of the physical plant. He poured love along with his money and cement. The curling club was his “baby”. He lived and breathed curling and in fact died at the rink during a game in January 1968.

Al Marlow – he came to this area as an experienced curler. His enthusiasm encouraged many to join the club. He also was instrumental in furnishing the clubroom via his various wheelings and dealings.

Clarence Simpson – had a long association with the club. He was the caretaker, bartender, main ice maker and watch dog. He ran the club 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. He could not pass the driveway without checking on conditions inside and out. There is no doubt that he is now the club’s guardian angel.

Marie MacMaster – her name is synonymous with the Chedabucto Curling Club. It is she who is responsible for all the decorative aspects of the club. She is the “house mother” personified – a wonderful caring person. Long may she live!

Stanley MacDonald, January 18, 2001

Photos From Desbarres Pond, Feb. 1963

 Drawings of the Club in 1963 and 1983

The drawings were done by Marie MacMaster.