League Standings 2013_14

Final League standings as of Mar. 27th. Please note that the Day League changed teams on Jan. 16th.

Day League Pts Tues. League Pts Thurs. League Pts
Team 1 E. Jamieson 22  2nd Team 1 S. Brymer 15  4th Team 1 Luddington 30 1st
Team 2 J. Jamieson 20  4th Team 2 Luddington 7  5th Team 2 Dobson 21 T-2nd
Team 3 G. Jamieson 21  3rd Team 3 Sangster 21  1st Team 3 Shanks 6 4th
Team 4 D. Armstrong 18  5th Team 4 Decoff 15  3rd Team 4 Cunningham 21 T-2nd
Team 5 S. Hart 16  6th Team 5 B. Brymer 18  2nd
Team 6 K. O’Leary 23  1st

Day League standings above as of Mar 24th. Page playoffs begin this Thursday Mar. 27th. 1st place (Team 6) vs 2nd place (Team 1) and 3rd place (Team 3) vs 4th place (Team 2). Winner of 1st vs 2nd goes to final on Thursday Apr. 3rd. Loser plays the winner of 3rd vs 4th on Monday Mar. 31st. Note that today’s games were cancelled due to the weather. The page playoffs will begin on Monday Mar. 31st. Other dates TBA.

Tuesday Night League standings above are final. Therefore on Tuesday April 1st Team Sangster (1st) will play Team Brymer (2nd) for the championship. It is hoped that the 3rd place team (Decoff) and 4th place team (S. Brymer) will play also.

Thursday Night League standings are final. Team Luddington finished in 1st. Team Cunningham takes 2nd place based on the # of games it won vs Team Dobson who had finished in a tie for 2nd. So next Thursday Apr 3rd Team Luddington will play Team Cunningham for the Championship.