League Standings 2020_21

The latest standings as of Jan. 25th
Here is the page for the Club’s League Standings. You will note that the Night League started on Tues. Nov. 3rd with 8 teams and will play 19 games then playoffs.
The Mixed Doubles started on Fri. Nov. 6th and will play about 13-14 games with playoffs. There are 9 teams.
The 1st Half Day League starts next Mon. Nov. 9th with 5 teams and no playoffs. They will play about 12 games.
The 2nd Half Day League starts on Jan. 25th with 6 teams. Top 4 teams make the playoffs. There will be 18 games each.
Day League 2nd Half  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Team G. Jamieson 0 T-4th Team O’Regan 2 T-1st
Team Armstrong 0 T-4th Team DeCoff 2 T-1st
Team E. Jamieson 0 T-4th Team Long 2 T-1st
Day League 1st Half  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Team G. Jamieson 10 2nd Team O’Regan 8 T-3rd
Team Armstrong 8 T-3rd Team DeCoff 7 5th
Team E. Jamieson 11 1st
Night League Pts Place Pts  Place
Team Luddington 10 T-1st Team B. Brymer 7 T-4th
Team Long 3 T-7th Team Connolly 4 6th
Team O’Connor 8 3rd Team Sangster 10 T-1st
Team O’Regan 3 T-7th Team Grady 7 T-4th
Mixed Doubles  Pts  Place  Pts  Place
Paul/Emily 8 T-1st Ryan/Victoria 6 T-3rd  
Charla/Gary 6 T-3rd Wayne/Vanessa 8 T-1st  
Paula/Steve 2 T-7th George L/George N 4 6th  
Alison/Rob 2 T-7th Phil/Nancy 6 T-3rd  
Fred /Jenna 0 9th