League Standings 2022_23

Here are the League standings for the 2022_23 season as of Feb. 3rd:

Day League 1st Half has come to a conclusion with Team G. Jamieson finishing in 1st place. The 2nd Half of Day League will start-up in the New Year. Teams and schedule TBA.

Day League 1st Half Final  Pts  Place    Pts  Place      
Team DeCoff 8 7th Team O’Regan 10 T-4th    
Team Landry 13 2nd Team J. Jamieson 10 T-4th    
Team G. Jamieson 17 1st Team D. Armstrong 9 6th    
Team Neufeld 11 3rd    

Here is the 2nd half of Day League that starts on Jan. 4th. Note on the schedule that there will be games with St. Andrews on Jan. 25th at our club. The games that were scheduled on that date will be played at the end of the schedule in March.

Day League 2nd Half Pts Place   Pts  Place
Team Landry 12 1st Team J. Jamieson 8 4th
Team O’Regan 4 8th Team G. Jamieson 6 7th
Team DeCoff 7 T-5th Team Bennett 7 T-5th
Team Neufeld 9 3rd Team Luddington 11 2nd


Night League Pts Place   Pts  Place      
Team Luddington 11 T-3rd Team O’Regan 3 8th    
Team O’Connor 12 2nd Team Long 14 1st    
Team Neufeld 7 7th Team Landry 11 T-3rd    
Team Dobson 10 5th Team B. Brymer 8 6th