League Standings 2022_23

Here are the League standings for the 2022_23 season as of Nov. 27th:

Day League 1st Half  Pts  Place    Pts  Place      
Team DeCoff 2 T-6th Team O’Regan 4 T-2nd    
Team Landry 4 T-2nd Team J. Jamieson 4 T-2nd    
Team G. Jamieson 10 1st Team D. Armstrong 4 T-2nd    
Team Neufeld 2 T-6th    


Night League Pts Place   Pts  Place      
Team Luddington 2 T-3rd Team O’Regan 0 T-7th    
Team O’Connor 4 T-1st Team Long 2 T-3rd    
Team Neufeld 0 T-7th Team Landry 2 T-3rd    
Team Dobson 4 T-1st Team B. Brymer 2 T-3rd