Night Curling 2019_20

Here is the team list and schedule for the night league:

As with Neil’s notice about Day Curling it is that time of year again… I will need to know soon who is coming back for Night Curling this season. Nights so far are the same as in the past (Tues and Thurs) at 7pm, Unless we get more than 8 teams that will remain the same but it can be discussed at the Semi Annual meeting on Oct. 10th. I will need to know what position you want to play plus your 2nd option. Also which night. I always try to make up the schedule based on the night selection as best as I can. For scheduling purposes I would prefer you choose either night. Please also pass this on to possible new curlers in town and I know of a few. Signs will be going up soon. You can reply to this email or call or text my cell at 902-863-8922.