Curling order

With our curling season well under way you may be wanting to upgrade your equipment and/or buy new for the 1st time. Either way an order will be going in on Dec 7th. I want to emphasize grippers. Most dirt on the ice comes from old grippers. Depending on your time on the ice per year it is recommended that you purchase new ones every year. We order all of our equipment from the Curling Store in Dartmouth. They are located at 80 Raddall Ave Unit 3, Dartmouth, NS if you happen to be in town for shopping. There is no benefit to you from ordering through the club. It is the club that benefits from it. What is good for you is you do not need to go there to get stuff. We will take care of that for you. There is a price list at the club. Take note that your price is the MSRP price and not the List price. Here is the website for prices also:

See Phil for more details.