Night League final standings and playoff bracket…

Final Standings for the Night League plus playoff schedule. Page playoffs begin on Tues Mar. 21st with the 1 vs 2 game featuring Team Long and Team Luddington. Also on the ice is the 5 vs 6 game with Team Dobson vs Team Landry. On Thursday the 23rd it will be the 3 vs 4 game with Team Brymer vs Team O’Connor and the 7 vs 8 game featuring Team Neufeld and Team O’Regan. 

Night League Pts Place   Pts  Place      
Team Luddington 19 2nd Team O’Regan 5 8th    
Team O’Connor 16 4th Team Long 26 1st    
Team Neufeld 13 7th Team Landry 16 6th    
Team Dobson 16 5th Team B. Brymer 17 3rd