Duckie Race results…..

A rather successful Duckie Race and Chicken BBQ took place yesterday at the club. Weather was great and we actually had the race on the same day this year. All of our chicken dinners sold out and approximately 830 duckies got sold give or take. We brought back the Stick Draw contest and it too was successful. Hopefully next year we will have more prizes. The crowd was quite steady over the whole afternoon as music from Mary Theresa & Danny Rogers plus Neil Decoff and others who joined in played on. Duckie Race winners this year were Evelyne Jamieson (1st), Basil Mattie (2nd) and Magdalyn Connolly (3rd). Congrats goes out to our lucky winners. Thanks also go out to all of our volunteers who made this annual event a success. If anyone out there has more photos to add to the website and/or Facebook site please email the club with them.