The upcoming curling season is upon us…..

Good morning all.

At last Wednesday’s semi-AGM it was passed that the following dues would be effective for the 2013/2014 season:

League play $205.00 total (tax is included) Was $201.25.
Junior League $70.00 total (tax included) Was $69.00
Associate member $25.00 (tax included) No current fee recorded
Family membership (as defined October 9, 2012) $405.00 (tax included) was $402.50

The former dues were confusing therefore the Executive’s recommendation was to round up to the nearest multiple of 5.

It was also passed that the curling year be divided equally with a 10/10 weeks curling season cycle versus last year’s 8/12 weeks cycle.

Re: membership: Please attempt to get new members by asking your friends, neighbours and chatting with former members to help increase our members’ numbers.

Best wishes for your Thanksgiving weekend.