Rings and Lines are in the house….

Ice-making at the club officially began last Thursday and the painting was completed in one night on Thursday of this week. The rings and lines went in last night. After a few more days of sprays the flooding can start again to build up the ice surface. We would like to thank George and his team of many including Phil, Brian, Blair, Neil, Joe, Gerry, Steve, Basil and Brian F. The season should start on Monday Nov. 4th. Day League teams have been set. If there is anyone else out there that wants to curl days please contact Neil DeCoff now at 533-3629. The Night League teams will be arranged soon. Calls will go out starting on Monday. Please contact Phil O’Regan at 533-2539 if you want to curl on Tues and/or Thurs night and/or if you just want to spare.