New date for 1st 50/50 draw this season….

With the Chedabucto CC 50/50 tickets getting into circulation over the past week and with Paulette no longer with us for the Petro-Canada sales — and all the other things that she was so quick to volunteer — the decision has been made to have the first 50/50 drawing on Friday, November 29, at the Club for 8:00 PM.  The intent is to gather an attractive pot to give to the 50/50 winner.

Also on the night of the 29th a Turkey Shot is being organized so as to give those in attendance some recreation, a chance to win a turkey or two and to enable even more 50/50 tickets to be sold. Details re the Turkey Shoot will be coming as things are finalized.

The sold 50/50 tickets will be  gathered from the business locations on each Friday afternoon as was previously stated so moneys don’t accumulate until the 29th drawing.

Any questions, give me a jingle (533.2528).

Enjoy your weekend.