Registration forms for this season need to be filled in….

There are many 2013 /14 registration forms still outstanding. Of our 53 +/- members we have only 26 forms in the emergency-instruction binder.
Last year’s forms are not in the binder for the simple reason that they were not current regarding date and information.

The registration forms are very important to the Club’s operations as well as its possible liabilities. If you don’t help the club to have vital information the Club is possibly being stifled to a major degree with assisting your well being.

The intent of the forms is to tell us immediately and clearly what needs to be done should something happen to you, who to contact and also to instruct us with what to tell emergency responders. The forms provide supplementary information like your accurate and up-to-date contact information plus other relevant information such as members’ ages should that be necessary with grant applications.

The end section regarding volunteerism is only there for those who are able to volunteer; it does not need to be completed — but whatever extra that you can do is sincerely appreciated.

Forms are hanging within an envelope by the door to Ice 1. If still necessary, please complete yours ASAP and insert it into the appropriate section of the emergency binder located on top of the kitchen’s fridge.

Thank you and forgive me for being a pest but these vital forms have been in the club for over a month awaiting your attention.