Jr. High Regionals hosted at our club Friday Mar. 21st….

The Jr. High Regionals were held today at the club. Three boys teams and four girl teams competed. The boys teams were Truro Jr. High, our school, CEC, and CCJHS from just outside Truro. The girls teams were Truro Jr. High, Bible Hill Jr. High, CCJHS and our school, CEC. In the boys competition Truro Jr. High took home the gold medal and the banner. CCJHS finished with the silver medals and our school took home bronze. In the Girls competition Truro Jr. High won all their gam…es and the gold medal & banner. CEC, who had finished in a tie for 2nd with the other three teams had to draw to the button to make it to the final. Well they made it and put up a good fight in the final. In the end they took home silver. Bible Hill took home the bronze medals. Both our boys and girls teams did very well considering they were the youngest of the teams there. Looks good for the future. Thanks to all who made this happen. And thank you to our coaches Shauna and Joe.