Day League Final results….

This morning the Day League finished up their schedule with a final Championship game between Team O’Leary (skipped by George Luddington) and Team E. Jamieson. The game went back and forth and was not decided until the final rock. Team O’Leary came out on top with a close 8-7 victory. Congrats to all who participated. Below is the winning team. Team O’Leary included Kenny O’Leary, Mary E.A. Connolly, Jim Muise, and Chris Muise. Filling in for Kenny was George Luddington, for Mary was Don Armstrong and for Chris was Marion Brow.

Jim Muise, Don Armstrong, Marion Brow, Ken O'Leary, and George Luddington.

Jim Muise, Don Armstrong, Marion Brow, Ken O’Leary, and George Luddington.