50/50 tickets sales via Junior members…..

As is a common situation, fund-raising efforts almost always need assistance; such is the case with 50/50 tickets being one of the Chedabucto rink’s revenue efforts.


The hope is that, with all the contacts each Junior (parents) has via relatives, co-workers, friends, neighbours, etc., the voluntary sales of tickets by the Juniors will increase the dollar amounts of each 50/50 draw so as to attract more buyers to the curling rink’s 50/50 tickets.


Starting this Wednesday (Jan. 21) — with the exception of our two international guests (Emilly and Ayumi) — each Junior curler will be assigned two books as his/her task to hopefully sell.  On the next Wednesday (Jan. 28) I will collect whatever tickets that have been sold and also the $2.00 per-sold ticket.  When the two books are sold we will issue two more books and so on until the end of this curling season.


The curling rink’s next 50/50 draw is planned for February 7th.


Thank you for your hoped-for assistance.