Chedabucto’s Season-Closing Dinner’s initial details…

The curling season has ended and now is the time to plan the rink’s closing dinner and awards presentations.  Since we are having our celebration at the St. Francis Hall and buying their roast beef dinners for $18.00 (adult) or $12.00 (youth) we need to get the attendee count for our Saturday night (7:00 PM), April 18, dinner.  This dinner is open to Chedabucto Curling Club Community Activity Society (CAS) members, supporters and guests.  This dinner will be less formal that last year’s 50th anniversary dinner with no head table nor guest speakers — but delicious food and bar service will again be available.

The CCC 2014-2015 season’s leagues winners will be recognized as part of our closing dinner and celebration.  This year CAS is also dedicating the first-ever Chedabucto Curling Club Past Presidents plaque therefore we sincerely hope that as many our our past presidents as possible will be able to attend.

In addition, Sceles Realty and Turning Stone Curling School (Donalda Mattie) intend to award curling brooms to some of our Junior Curlers (names to be made public after the Juniors’ parents are contacted next week).  Sceles Realty has also generously agreed to pay for all Junior curlers’ dinners for those who are able to attend.

This email has been sent to Chedabucto CC supporters as well as to CCC members to provide all with this initial information. After Easter Sunday the current intention is to contact CCC members to seek their intentions regarding attending the rink’s April 18th dinner.  So as to save some calls, if you know that you will be able to attend please confirm with me ASAP because our dinner count must be given to the St’ Francis Harbour Ladies by April 11. The reverse also applies, if a member definitely cannot attend, please notify me to save that phone call. (Thank you.)

The requirement is that all dinners must be paid for in advance.  Once you contact me or someone contacts you, you can arrange the procedure via which to pay for your ordered meal(s).  If you prefer to pay by cheque, the short and bank-approved manner is to make the cheque payable to “CAS” rather than our lengthy legal name.

The main point to stress is that, once we submit our dinners count — CCC must then pay for the entire dinners count due to the reality that the Ladies have purchased and prepared our dinners request. If you order,  and do not cancel by April 10 — you must pay for your dinner(s).  If for some reason you cannot attend and become aware of that situation after April 11th, your money will still go to pay for the dinner(s).  It will be your decision to contact another to take your place or to consider your payment as a donation to the St. Francis Harbour Hall because your meal’s ingredients will have already been purchased.  This is not a fund-raising occasion for our rink thus we do not intend for this break-even dinner to be a cost back to the membership.

If more information arises, after Easter I’ll send another email.

Best regards,