Stick-draw prizes for Chicken BBQ / Ducky Race…..

Plans are  be made for the stick draw at our annual ducky race / chicken BBQ — being held this year during the Guysborough Come Home Week (Sunday, July 19).

As you spring clean within corners — or receive those gifts that you are willing to donate — or are able to collect donated promotional products from the places where you do business — or discover great items on sale — please keep the prizes necessities in mind for our annual stick draw.

Adult and Junior members will be contacted by one of our rink’s executive members for prize donation(s).  Another email will be forthcoming regarding details of prizes-donations’ drop-off sites — or cash donations if you are unable to provide prize(s).

If our rink’s supporters wish to volunteer to contribute, their kindness will also be appreciated. Contact me (902.533.2528) to arrange for prizes pickup.

To meet the rink’s overall expenditures extra revenue sources are critical; the stick draw is another of those extras to which people can assist.