Attic insulation and lighting replacement at Chedabucto CC….

The temperature in the ice area will definitely be more comfortable this season. On Saturday (Oct 17) A-1 Gutter insulated the rink’s entire attic (ice shed and lounge) up to an R50 level. The funds to complete the insulation are 50 cent dollars for the rink with the other 50 cents per dollar coming from a federal grant (ACOA).

The insulation improvements are expected to assist with an reduction in our yearly electrical bills which are in the yearly fourteen thousand dollars range ($14,000) — and that amount is not a typo.

Next on our upgrade list over the next month or so is the replacement of all ice shed lights plus the lounge’s lights and to add four pot lights to the lounge. The funds for that upgrade are also the ACOA grant at 50 cent dollars.

The other 50 cents per dollar are coming from the rink’s bank account to the tune of around six thousand dollars ($6000.00) earned via our numerous fund- raising endeavours.

As you can detect, the curling rink’s executive and other members have been busy getting ready for another enjoyable and successful season.

Your support will definitely make all the hours invested into the Chedabucto CC worthwhile so please get out to curl and to enjoy. While you are at it, recruit some new members whether they use the slide method or the stick delivery procedure — all are welcome and instructions are free to members.

Best regards, 🙂