Update for Chedabucto CC Juniors….

I am very pleased to state that AA Munro Insurance, Antigonish, are again going to be purchasing pizzas for the youngsters as incentives for their selling of the Chedabucto CC 50/50 tickets. The Big G’s pizzas will be awarded via a draw to the youngster who sells all tickets and also via a draw to a youngster who sells tickets with no requirement of numbers sold for the similar period. There will be two draws: all tickets sold plus some tickets sold. This is the same format as we followed last year. The only difference, since the tickets are going out in December and not in January (like in last season), we will be doing a draw every second week until the end of the season in March. The thought was that with AA Munro Insurance again being supportive of the 50/50 tickets’ sales via their pizza gifts to the youngsters, we did not want to perform a weekly draw due to the reality that we would need more assistance from AA Munro Insurance thereby making us appear to be greedy. If you have any questions please contact me at your convenience.

Best regards to all