2 rink rentals / ice flood / Edgar Sceles Memorial…..

Here we are into 2016 with curling starting on Monday. Even though things were a tad quieter at the rink over the past couple of weeks, things were happening.

We had two rentals over the Christmas season: The annual Grady family rental was on Boxing Day. (Thank you Karen Grady-Hall for arranging it.) On December 30 there was a rental to the Jaeckh family and friends. (Thank you Holly for arranging it.)

Also over Christmas the ice surface was flooded to give us nice, even and fast sheets for the resumption of the season tomorrow. (Thank you George and Neil for the flooding.)

The Edgar Sceles Memorial is being planned for January 15 and 16 so please check your schedules and get teams organized for a fun-fill Friday night and Saturday.

Good curling to all for 2016. 🙂