More curlers needed for next weekend’s closing bonspiel…

Our goal is to have at least 6 teams (24 curlers) for next weekend’s season-closing bonspiel; thus far we have 17curlers with some people sitting on the fence regarding their involvement. We are using the same format as in the Exxon/Mobil Skins; you put your name on the rink’s list located next to the Club’s phone and state your preferred position and then the teams will be formed. There will be three games — one 8-ender on Friday night and two 6-enders on Saturday.

A lot of time and energy has already gone into organizing our season-closing bonspiel. People have already started to volunteer to contribute food and to help with chores. A turkey has been donated for your Saturday dinning pleasure (dressing, veggies, desserts, tea/coffee) — to be included within your $20.00 per- person registration. Draw prizes have been obtained from the Labatt Brewing Company (three emails, two phone calls and one trip to Antigonish), Central Home Improvement (three emails and two trips to Antigonish) and the Atlantic Superstore (one letter and two trips to Antigonish). The top team will have its name engraved on our rink’s trophy. Entertainment for Friday night is also in the works. (And — you might get your photo on the rink’s website or in a newspaper. 🙂 )

We have had a great year at Chedabucto CC with much being done and a lot of darn good curling matches. Let’s all put our efforts 100% behind making next weekend’s closing bonspiel a “rocking” success. Contact other Club members, spares or curling friends so we can get the teams for a great Friday and Saturday of socialization and recreational curling.

With this week being used our rink’s playoffs all members might not be in the rink to sign up therefore you may instruct me or Phil to add your name and preferred position(s) to the list.

Cheers and best wishes for a great Easter weekend. 🙂 Ray